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Regardless of where I go, I always like to look my best. When applying my makeup each morning, I strive to accentuate my best feature: my large green eyes. Do you want to make your eyes stand out this spring? Consider investing in a quality mascara. Depending on your personal tastes, you might prefer a black or brown variety of this essential type of eye makeup. In addition to mascara, you may want to shop for several shades of eye shadow, an eye liner, and an eye brow pencil. On this blog, I hope you will discover makeup tips to help you feel more confident and beautiful.

The Frizz Bizz: Two Effective Hair Treatments To Reverse The Damage Done By The Sun

The summer plays tricks on your hair. The heat and humidity can make your hair look like one giant mess of dead ends and tangles. For people who are prone to frizzy hair, the summer is not your friend. Luckily, you don't have to hide your wild mane under a hat. You can tame it with one of the simple, yet effective, homemade treatments listed below. Not only will these recipes help you manage your locks, they will make your hair healthier and stronger as well.

Beer Treatment

Beer isn't just refreshing on a hot summer day, it's also refreshing for your hair. Beer contains the proteins that your hair needs in order to control the frizz and repair heat damage. These proteins will not just make your hair stronger, it will also work to heal dead ends.

Pour a lukewarm can of beer over your hair and be sure that is applied evenly. If you have longer and thicker hair, you will probably need two cans to ensure all of your hair is being treated. Let the beer sit for ten minutes before rinsing it out using lukewarm water. You can condition your hair with your regular conditioner if the beer scent lingers. An added bonus to using beer is that it is full of yeast, so it will help add volume to your luscious locks.

Honey Treatment

The heat from the summer sun will cause extreme damage to your hair, causing it to break easily. You can protect your hair and reverse the damage by using a little bit of honey every day. Honey is a natural antioxidant, so it will remove the impurities in your hair and restore it's strength and shine. It will also keep the frizz away on a humid day.

Mix two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of olive oil together in a bowl. The olive oil will ensure the honey doesn't stick and pull out your hair while you are washing. It will also give your hair extra shine. Heat the mixture for twenty seconds or until it is easy to apply. You don't want to heat it for more than thirty seconds, because then it will burn your scalp. Rub the solution evenly through your hair and let it sit for about fifteen minutes before washing out with warm water.

Honey is also great to use if you want your hair to grow, because it stimulates your follicles to grow faster.

The summer is a killer when it comes to hair. The heat and humidity can ruin your hair and cause it to frizz out whenever you step out. By using the treatments listed above, you won't have to hide under a hat all summer long. You can wear your hair down and enjoy the long summer ahead. Contact a business, such as Hair In A Pinch, for more information about hair replacements.